• Welcome to Little Wings Bird Sanctuary

Wild Bird Sanctuary

Wild birds are naturally frightened of humans and when injured or stressed they need a secluded environment with as little disturbance as possible to give them the best chance to survive. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our work, the Sanctuary is not open to the public. I run the Sanctuary entirely on my own but work very closely with the Sanctuary Vets Susie Brown and Darren Carr.

Funding and Donations

Little Wings is a small voluntary organisation and has very limited funding. The sanctuary relies heavily on fundraising and donations. Caring for our birds is very time consuming and expensive. Our sick birds need heat, frequent feeding and medications, plus the cost of bedding for the hens and the maintenance of the buildings, fences and land.

How You Can Help

There are over 100 birds in our care at the present time so any help, however small, is very much appreciated. If anyone would like to make a donation or provide grain, seed, wild bird seed, fat balls etc please contact Christine, Tel. 071 918 1587 or 086 0273 337.

Welcome to Little Wings Bird Sanctuary, Banada, Co Sligo, Ireland.

Little Wings is a safe haven for injured or abandoned garden birds including the Corvids, Pigeons, Ducks, Geese and Hens. The aim of the sanctuary is to rehabilitate them so that they may be released back into the wild. If, for any reason, birds are not able to be released, our birds are free to live out their lives in a peaceful, free range, environment. I will take Budgies and Canaries that have been abused or that can no longer be cared for.

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