Hospital facility needed

My main goal at the moment is to have a fully equipped hospital facility with thermostatically controlled cages and an isolation area. I need a building that is fully insulated and large enough to house both cages off the ground and holding bays for injured or sick birds such as ducks, geese or hens and a treatment area.

I will have to rely on fundraising and donations and hopefully selling some of my feather pictures, seen in the gallery. I will be showing more examples shortly. I have been blessed this week with a donation by an anonymous person, which will go a long way towards achieving this aim, and I thank them most sincerely. I am very overwhelmed by their kindness. I would also like to say a huge thank you to Steve and Diane for their hard work in their fundraising.

It would be wonderful to have the hospital fully operational before the start of next winter so if anyone has any fundraising ideas, I would be very grateful.