About me

My name is Christine and I rescue and rehabilitate all garden birds, including the Corvids, that have been found injured or abandoned. I provide a safe haven for Geese, Ducks and Hens that have been injured or abused. I will take Budgies and Canaries that have been abused or that can no longer be cared for. My aim is to release every wild bird back into the wild and to provide a safe, free range environment for those that cannot be released.  I do not have the facilities to take in Seabirds, Swans, Raptors or Owls.

Wild Birds

Wild birds are naturally frightened of humans and when injured or stressed they need a secluded environment with as little disturbance as possible to give them the best chance to survive. Biosecurity measures are in place, therefore the  Sanctuary is not open to the public.


I receive very little funding and run the sanctuary on my own. I rely on fund raising and anyone that would like to donate or provide grain, seed, wild bird seed, fat balls etc.. Please contact me if you would like to donate. I have 100 birds in my care at the present time so any help, however small, is very much appreciated.