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    We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year and a very special thanks to everyone that gave their support in many ways and the Department of Agriculture that awarded us a…

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    Success story

    Many birds admitted during the last few weeks but this little story is particularly heartwarming. This Thrush nestling was admitted after the nest was destroyed and his siblings killed. On arrival he was not very responsive. He was not gaping…

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    Some of the latest casualties.

    This little Robin was found stunned and unresponsive with a neck injury.  He was put into a heated hospital cage and I put a lightweight neck brace on him to keep his neck aligned in the correct position. After 24…

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    Latest Casualties

    Abandoned babies that have been hand reared and successfully released and injured ones that have been rehabilitated and released.

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    Alex the Budgie

    I would like to tell you a story about a little Budgie that was bought for a young boy from a pet store. His parents assumed the Budgie was a young healthy bird, suitable as a companion for their son.…

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    A Christmas Message

    Wishing you all a happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year from Myself & my team of helpers, Dakota, Nugget and Autumn. Special thanks to everyone that has supported me during the year, Amparo, Niamh, Melanie, Louise, Nuala,…

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    Annual Fundraiser

    I held a fundraiser on October 9th at the Teeling Centre in Collooney, which John very kindly let us use without charge as his contribution to the sanctuary. We had a very special guest, Pauline McGlynn who you will know…

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    Recent Arrivals

    Recent arrivals that have been successfully rehabilitated and released. Click on the image to enlarge.   Fledging Dunnock that was attacked by a cat. 10 Housemartin fledgings that were brought in after their nests were destroyed by sparrows. 2 Flycatchers…

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    Male Mallard Duck

    A male Mallard duck was brought in after being found at the side of a riverbank with injuries to both eyes and the surrounding area. The left eye is also very cloudy apart from the surrounding injured area. The right…