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A Gosling’s entry into the world !

This little Gosling was abandoned in the nest just before she was due to hatch out. I put the egg under a broody hen and could hear the chick cheeping. Nothing happened until late afternoon on the second day. The chick managed to pip the egg. However, after observing for a few more hours, there was no noise or movement, so,I decided to intervene and help her into the world.    Her siblings had hatched three days earlier, so she had been struggling for a long time to get out and was just too exhausted.

starting to carefully chip away the shell

Half way there

Nearly there

Hatched but very weak

The following photo’s follow her progress. I named her Beau.

Dry now, but no strength to lift her head

The following morning Beau can hold her head up but cannot stand yet


snuggled up under infra red lamp