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Winter feeding

Birds need high energy, high fat foods during the winter months.

A selection of enjoyed foods :-

Sunflower seeds, black ones have a higher fat content. Fat balls, fat bars and suet but avoid polyunsaturated fats.

Mealworms, millet and small seeds. Cooked rice without added salt. Pigeons and doves will eat uncooked rice.

Fresh coconut, never desiccated. Uncooked porridge oats. High quality peanuts.

grated cheese and flaked maize. Never milk.

many birds prefer ground feeding and love fruit and dried fruits but note raisins and sultanas can be very harmful to dogs and cats.

water is very important, not only to drink but to maintain feather care for insulation and flight efficiency .keep water defrosted but never use salt to do so.

keep all containers and areas clean to help prevent the spread of disease.