Birds and us

There are many reasons why birds are important to us. They play an important role in the effective function of Ecosystems, which provide us with food, medicines and important raw materials. Some birds carry a variety of things, such as seeds, through the environment. They consume insects in vast numbers, without which, they would become a problem, not only for us, but for crops and produce. Birds add enjoyment to our lives. They can be easily observed and afford great pleasure watching their antics.

Sadly some bird species are declining and scientific studies show forty three per cent of Europe’s bird species are threatened or facing serious decline. Due to the impact we are having on our environment, many migratory bird populations are declining.

Farming methods have changed. Spraying machines using herbicides kill the weeds and plants. Pesticides have diminished birds food sources.

Housing, industrial development and transport networks have reduced bird habitats.

When birds start disappearing, it means there is something wrong with our environment

 We all need to be very aware of this.