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Esperanza’s progress

Despite every effort and physiotherapy every day, the condition of Esperanza’s leg deteriorated and circulation became a problem and she was experiencing pain. We had said from the start that she had to be pain free and enjoy a quality of life.

Her pain was able to be controlled but this was not a long term option. We had no alternative but to amputate her leg.

Susie operated on the July 28th. She did a wonderful job and closed the wound so that it was on her back,  thus avoiding her  being sore if she rested on that side or fell on it.

Esperanza made an excellent recovery and on just the third day was moving around. She has gone from strength to strength and can negotiate her way around the field.

We had no idea if this would work or how she would cope but she is such a happy soul and has been through so much in her short life, we felt we had to try.

She still has her stitches in and we don’t know if she will develop problems in the future, but,  as we have done for the past eleven weeks, we have to take one day at a time.

For now she is pain free, chattering happily and able to move around. Long may that last.

Here she is the evening of her operation and the just three days later. on the move !!