How to edit Home Page

Home Page is a “container”, and WordPress (in current setup) inserts content onto that page from few different places. This means, that the Home Page itself (Pages -> Home) can be completely blank.

Editing Home Page Elements

РThree Main Text Blocks (below the Main Image) & Welcome Message (just below them)

Editing those 3 blocks of text and the Welcome Message is made in one place:

From the sidebar menu select: Appearance -> Theme Options

On that page, select ‘Homepage‘ tab at the top.

Intro title‘ – it’s the Title of the Welcome Message
Intro text‘ – Welcome text below the Title of the Welcome Message

Left homepage text widget title’
Left homepage text widget text
Middle homepage text widget title
Middle homepage text widget text
Right homepage text widget title
Right homepage text widget text

– The above are Titles and Texts for the three text blocks below the main image

– 4 Round Images with corresponding texts

These are just ‘links’ to the most recent posts which belong to the ‘rounding‘ category. In other words, if an article is to be displayed on the Home Page:
1) when writing/editing the article (a post) the category ‘rounding‘ must be selected (article can belong to many categories)
2) only four most recent posts are displayed on the Home Page – the date in the ‘Publish‘ widget can be edited:
– In the ‘Publish‘ widget click ‘Edit‘ link below the ‘Publishes on:…’ date.
– Edit the date and click ‘Update‘ button