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Success story

Many birds admitted during the last few weeks but this little story is particularly heartwarming.

This Thrush nestling was admitted after the nest was destroyed and his siblings killed. On arrival he was not very responsive. He was not gaping and had his eyes closed most of the time. I had him in an incubator and was having to force feed him. He was not enthusiastic about food and was very lethargic. It was not known if he had any internal injuries or trauma due to the fall from his nest.

His condition remained the same for five days and his prognosis did not look promising.

Then a nestling Robin was admitted after being caught by a cat. I treated this little one and then had a thought that maybe I could put the Robin baby in with the Thrush baby to see if they could give each other some sort of comfort. I felt, at that stage, there was nothing to lose.

The first day there was no change. Both not responsive and both needing force feeding. Then, just 24 hours later, Bingo !!! Both of them were gaping for food and vocal.

This was the turning point. The Robin survived the cat attack and the Thrush started to thrive. The became best buddies as you can see in the photo’s. They are now well on their way to be released. Delighted for them. ¨