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On the 28th May a baby Wood pigeon was brought to me. Two had been found but unfortunately the other baby had died. This one was duly named Woody.

The first couple of days were a little worrying, as feeding was difficult and her rate of  breathing was a concern , however she soon got the hang of feeding from a specially shaped spoon and on the third day was breathing normally and very hungry.

Woody continued to thrive and I have a large indoor facility that birds can learn to fly so she gained strength and confidence.

The main problem I had was encouraging her to feed on her own as her parents would still be feeding her even when she had learnt to fly. It took a lot of coaxing and a few days but she would get very vocal when she saw me and was then eating readily.

I took Woody back to the area she was found and released her on 28th June.

Here are pictures of Woody as a baby, fully feathered,038080 and finally released back into the wild.