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Claude’s arrival

The day Claude arrived

On Thursday 22nd August, Claude joined us. Claude is a 3 month old Starling who was found out of his nest. He has a deformed foot. A couple found him and reared him, which is no mean feat , having to feed every 20 minutes during the day.

I met this really lovely couple, David, Rhiannon and their beautiful daughter Olivia when they drove all the way from Wexford to bring Claude to the sanctuary. It took them 4 hours and if that was literally going the extra mile for this little bird, Rhiannon is due to have her second baby next week ! Incredible.

Claude has settled well and loves cat food, tuna, poultry mash, dandelion leaves, cheese, multi grain bread and some fruit. I am still experimenting with different foods and he is getting a vitamin supplement.

Bathing is a favorite pastime as is landing on anyone’s head, and earrings are a great target.