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Kojak, our new family member

We have our first Turkey at Little Wings. I have named him Kojak. He is a baby and was brought in as an abuse case, through the County Vet.

Kojak had been acquired  by someone who then proceeded to keep him in disgusting conditions with no food and filthy wet muck as water. He was literally starved.

When he came in he did nothing but drink all day. He is very anaemic  but a few weeks of good diet will restore him to good health.

For the first 2 days he was housed in the aviary to settle him and let the hens and geese get used to him. He is a big boy and will get much bigger.

On the third day I released him to join the others and he settled immediately, and the same evening was feeding alongside them. He joined them in their shed that night but the second night he decided to roost on the shed roof ! Since then though he has slept in the shed with everyone else.