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Sir Edgar

IMG_0442imageSir Edgar arrived at the sanctuary on the 2nd July. He had been shot in the side and the wing. The rest of his family were killed.  Someone then kept him for a month without seeking Veterinary help for him. This resulted in Edgar’s injuries healing in an unnatural way. He will never be able to fly. When Edgar first arrived he was absolutely terrified of everything. I have a very large open enclosure for him with trees and a shed he can go in if he chooses to. During the last 4 months Edgar has slowly gained confidence and physical strength. Not long after he arrived he became very ill and I did not expect him to survive. He needed intensive care and thankfully he slowly recovered. He had an infection from one of his wounds which had been slowly debilitating him before he even arrived here. If I sit in his enclosure he will now come and stand a foot or two away from me. He doesn’t trust me enough to let me touch him or take food from me but Ravens are the least social of all the  Corvids, so I would not expect anything more at this stage. He will not tolerate anyone else approaching his enclosure. He is one of the most magnificent birds I have had the privilege  to work with.