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A baby Sparrow’s journey.

IMG_7534 This little nestling was brought in by Peter after he found him abando0nded in his garden. I immediately put him in a heated hospital cage and gave him a feed. That was the start of a very tiring few weeks because he needed feeding every half an hour up until late evening, with each day starting in time to feed him at 6am when he started shouting for food. Peter had named him Condor. If his size didn’t fit the name, his appetite certainly did !! So started our journey together. Because I work entirely on my own, Condor had to come everywhere with me, travelling on a hot water bottle in the car, when I had to get supplies. Condor continued to thrive and when it was time for his release I had mixed emotions. Joy that he had matured into a very strong healthy little chap but, as always, when I release any bird, the concerns of him surviving in the wild with all the challenges wild birds face. I need not have worried at all. Condor has not only survived but decided he would have bed and breakfast here. Every afternoon he comes into one of the sheds where he stays overnight.  He has breakfast in the morning and then spends the day going from the bird table, hen food, anything he can eat in fact ! Condor very often travels around the Sanctuary perched on the top of my head, whilst I am doing my chores. He has it all worked out.IMG_0694IMG_1554