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Bluebell’s arrival

This little Goose came into the sanctuary this week. I have named her Bluebell.  She has been badly neglected and is very small and underweight.

She loses her balance sometimes and at times has difficulty standing up. Susie Vet has seen her and a treatment plan is being worked out.

Bluebell is looking very lost at the moment. She is in my gardens with the hens that are not strong enough to go with the main flock. I will not be able to introduce her to my other Geese at the  present time because the breeding season has started and the Ganders are very protective of their mates,  and can be quite aggressive.

On arrival, Bluebell was reluctant to eat,  but I am pleased to say is now eating everything that is given to her. She looks quite scruffy but I’m sure she will soon look beautiful !!

March 27th.

Bluebell has been here nearly a month and has been gradually improving, but today, for reasons not known, she deteriorated.

She became very unbalanced again. She fell and rolled onto her back. She is not eating now.

Susie, Vet, has advised on medication and Bluebell is being kept warm and hydrated, but she has to have the will herself to

fight this setback.