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Help birds this winter

We can all do something to help birds survive the winter months.

Check that birdbaths and drinkers are not frozen but DO NOT use antifreeze or salt to defrost them. Warm water is an easy and safe way and a light ball can be placed in the bird bath to stop it freezing entirely.

If you are tidying the garden, it helps to leave the bushes with berries on them until they are bare.

This is the time to plant bare rooted trees and shrubs. Birds love fruit trees and bushes. Hawthorn and Rowan are good trees to plant for wildlife.

Trees provide shelter as well as food.

Provide a regular supply of food and keep your feeding stations clean. Disease can spread quickly when birds are congregating in close proximity to one another.

Cleaning with a bleach solution and thoroughly rinsing afterwards is an inexpensive and effective way to help protect visiting birds.

Food that is allowed to build up under feeders will attract rats and mice.