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Maisie, my little Star !

Maisie on the day she arrived

Maisie, fully recovered, today

When Maisie first came to me she barely had the strength to stand. She was very anaemic and depressed. Since being here she has developed three respiratory infections and overcome them, but she became very ill about a month ago and I was very worried about her.

I could hear the rattle of her breathing from a distance away and I had to hand feed her as she had no interest in feeding or drinking herself.

She was on antibiotics and I was giving her steam inhalations to try to make it easier for her to breathe.

It was several days before I felt hopeful that Maisie was improving and yet again she rallied round and has made a full recovery.

Because Maisie is not a strong little hen she will reside in the kitchen until the warmer weather returns. She feels very much at home there and demands food when she is hungry and loves attention. Definitely my little star.

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