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Surprise in a box

Saturday 17th August

Yesterday afternoon someone left a box by my garden gate. I found it when I took one of my dogs for a walk. I thought someone had left bread or something but when I picked it up something moved inside, so I carried it into the garden. As I was opening it a duck shot out and disappeared under a bush. My front garden covers a large area and it took me nearly an hour to catch this duck.

When I examined her I could see she is blind in one eye and one of her wings has been stripped. I put her in a safe area and observed her for a few minutes. She is rather thin and ate the food I put down immediately and was thirsty.

I will watch her over the weekend and then take her photograph and report progress.

Tuesday 20th August

I have named this little duck Honey. She is settled so I put another quiet female with her and already they are together all the time and the other one seems to be guiding her, as I am sure her vision is very limited . I was fascinated watching them together today. Honey also has a sore leg but nothing broken, and this evening she was attempting to put weight on it.